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Vancouver Fan's Make Women's World Cup A Celebration

Photo: Soitsfun File - FIFA 2015 World Cup Celebration

To me, the match itself was as much about the fans as it was about the game?  There is nothing like a team to bring out the community that supports it. Fan Zones are an opportunity for fans to celebrate women’s soccer, cheer on their favourite teams,2015 Fifa Womens USA and Nigeria World Cup and experience the unique environment that can only be provided by a significant international event such as BC Place.
They came across the border in droves to support their champions. The American Outlaws, the U.S. Soccer supporters’ association, commanded the FIFA fan zone at Cambia and Georgia streets where about a thousand supporters garnered pre-game festivities. They arrived by every imaginable means of transport armed with their individual means of support. The stadium was a sea of red and Blue and it was time to cheer and celebrate. USA Vs Nigerian Womens Soccer
The small patch of green settled in the upper end of the nose-bleed section of the stadium was not going to be out done. The Nigerian green was accentuated with drums that could be heard throughout the stadium. The constant beat and chanting continued through to the end when their hopes were dashed by Hope Solo and the American team.  That did not end the day, the spirit went home with them for another day, another event.
It was no less a loss, than it was a celebration of friends who gathered to laugh and watch their team play.
British Columbia came alive with FIFA this year and soccer is now more mainstream than ever. Local soccer pitches are now as much a social destination as they are a focus for team and community support.

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