About Us

Soitsfun Media Inc. (Soitsfun.com) (Soitsfun) is an independant digital magazine based in South Surrey B.C. Our web presence has been registered as Soitsfun! since 2008.  Prior to that it was housed in our parent site IOOP.COM, one of the oldest registered URL's in North America. Yes we are a mixture of the old and the new.

We look to help creatives creatives establish careers in the arts and voice their stories and ideas of community to millions of people. We are providing a home for an eclectic form of expression for emerging and established writers alike. We welcome everyone to join the Soitsfun! community and look forward to reading your writing.

Soitsfun! is where we explore what happens when social, dance and recreation is applied to community. It brings people together in mutual respect to celebrate our world through an ethical and responsible social network.  This network is comprised of people in our neighbourhood, students, contributors and respected journalists tasked with individual commitment to contribute articles of information on activities and events of interest to you and I in our community. We call it Green Journalism authored by both contributors and experienced writers originating from our cultured roots. Everyone gets published in their personal blog. It is not only striving for professionalism that counts, but the labor and experience it takes to get there. We are about the journey and the community we arrive in. 

Definition: Social recreation is activity engaged in during one's leisure time that involves, in an appropriate setting, social interaction - people with people. This activity usually finds expression as a dance, hobby, writing, service clubs, yoga, hiking, walking, cycling, darts, billiards, shuffle-board, etc. or any other activity shared by others and characterized by motion within a defined space - in good taste. The relationships of business, activity and events are the glue that hold friendships and community together.  If it's not wrapped in fun; we delete it!
It is our common platform that provides users the peer to peer opportunity for exponential exposure and marketing. It is all in support of our community activities and events through personal pages and by forming groups and blogging. Your stories and pictures (if released by author) will be published in the appropriate section and category in the Soitsfun Magazine.
Soitsfun Media Inc. is supported with third party advertising (Adsense), and from community business ads that we show in various sections of our pages. Our advertising is served on the basis of interest, city, state and country as well as personal activity interests. We feel it is a far more ethical model on which to build and sustain an active relationship with users, clients and the community as a whole. After all, we are here to enjoy life and build better options within community.