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Vancouver's Dover Arms

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The moment you walk through the door of the Dover Arms you are embraced with a small community hospitality that has survived the trend-setting pace of the English Bay Area. The West End and Dover Arms is happening year round as it does not depend on tourists to keep it going. People have changed, but "The Arms" still has the charm and brand originally stamped by "Hunky Bill".

An ideal place to land following a walk along English Bay Wall, or while "just cruising" the Denman strip for that afternoon stroll.

Then the music starts! Saturday and Sunday afternoons the atmosphere changes and Clasic Rock and Roll takes over "The Arms" and the small dance floor. Local music and dance aficionados looking for a genre of music not readily available at this level come here to sit, relax with a pint, and visit friends and neighbours. A great group of friendly people that have been coming here for years. It does not take long before the dance floor fills and Sunday afternoon comes alive with The Bobcat's Band.

Long time friends and collaborators, Bob White and Danny Cassavant share a Canadian musical history that is as varied and deep as any Liverpool legacy. Teamed with Jean Savoie and Harvey Kostenchuk, the Bobcat's cover just about everything from The Beattles to blues. The Bobcat's Band has anchored a solid listening and dance afternoon at the Dover Arms for 12 years. Saturday afternoons Bob White hosts a single gig, and on Sunday "The Bobcats Band" rolls out in full force for a great dance afternoon from 4 PM till 8 PM at night. A must "see-n-do" for for those looking for a laid back guaranteed time - Soitsfun!

The downtown crowd frequently parties in their own neighbourhoods, eliminating the need to pay high parking fees or expensive cab fares.

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