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White Rock's Picnic On The Pier Turns Up Summer "Fun" Meter

From Left to Right: Sherri Dypchey, Barb Warren, Vickie Brydon, Julie Hwangbo, Amy O'leary - Photo: Soitsfun File


This practice of eating outside is a "raison-d'e-tra" that encourages meeting to eat outside as an excuse for people to go outdoors, take in some fresh air and enjoy some time under the sun. A little bit of innovation, piles of enthusiasm, and some sweat takes the patio, back yard or park up a notch for location.

Al Fresco season arrived in White Rock, B.C. with Picnic on The Pier.Picnic On The Pier The inovative pier location on the Pacific Ocean was bouyed by local sponsor Landmark Premiere Properties, local businesses, and two hundred people ready for dinner. Mix an excellent menu, glass of wine (or 2) with music makes a community event that brings out the "happy" in people.

The perfect days weather and subsequent evening enhanced the great fundraiser in support of Peace Arch Hospital and Community Health Foundation.

wr picnic 104988There is nothing like a picnic to pull tables together and bring a community together. This occasion was no different and provided the perfect opportunity to dress up and beam for the occasion.

The PAHCHF executive committee was front and center as they welcomed enthusastic diners after  traversong the pier in true processional fashion. Once through the gate hostesses offered their choice of beverage and then an opportunity to take a "selfie" at the Foster-Martin ice sculpture.

It is always impressive to see a banquet set-up. The capable site management by catererSheila's Bistro Table Set-up "Sheilas's Bistro and Catering", was overseen in true Euopean fashion by Alex Schopf. Every participant had their reservation with subsequent place setting removing any possiblity of confusion. To see a table set-up complete with table lighting for two hundred is impressive and twigs any imagination with  "Great Tablel" thoughts. 

The fun, or cocktail section was set at pier's end where a steel band was lodged to entertain revelors. The socializing carried over into the evenings darkness and left us with a memorable evening and maybe a vision of yet another "Picnic On The Pier".

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