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Health Benefits Of Playing Mixed Social Pool

Photo: Monique Limbos: Reanne Evans - Womens World Champion

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Today there are many women playing in increasing numbers.

Pool is the one sport where women should be equal to men. Make no mistake about it, there is no reason to assume that men have an edge, beyond sheer numbers.pool women I don't even agree that men have an edge on the break when one considers that 30 miles per hour seems to be the upper limit for break speed, and technique is just as important as power to a good break.

As more women enter the sport, the gap that seems to exist now will close. In the future, women and men will participate in the same tournaments, and women will eventually win their share. No one has been able to give me any evidence that pool requires anything physical that women can't accomplish as well as men. It's a challenge we can need to keep fit socially as well as physically.

When I see the only woman entered in a tournament finish near the top, it makes me wonder how many would have finished near the top if women had been competing in the same numbers as men for the past 50 years.

I don't believe equality is close at hand just yet. We will probably need anaother generation before the gals close the gap, but close it they will. Walk into a typical pub or billiard room, and you will see increasing numbers of women playing pool, and playing seriously. They are becoming more confident and more creative.

Slows aging – Beer and billiards have become a staple for socializing men and with good reason! According to a recent study from the University of Copenhagen, drinking beer while playing a game of pool with friends can help keep older men and women due to the exchange between active activity and passive social activity during a round of pool. This can help combat the aging process by providing the elderly a casual activity that still utilizes the use of their muscles.

Helps build focus – Playing pool requires a great amount of focus and concentration. Your ability to focus on a given objective is essential in achieving happiness and attaining goals. In billiards, players must focus on their targets (the cue ball and the target ball), the angle of their own cue, the angle the cue ball will move in once it is hit and if the cue ball will strike the target ball.

Burns calories – There is a surprising amount of beneficial walking involved in a round of pool: a typical 2-hour 8-ball or 9-ball session often provides 100 trips
around the table’s perimeter, which is about equal to walking nearly three-quarters of a mile. Playing multiple games will challenge the distance of nine holes of golf!

Table yoga is stretching and balance – Playing requires a lot more stretching than a person would not normally do. Having to bend across the table top to reach the cue ball at a desired angle requires a player to be moderately flexible, especially with complex shots. Pool also enhances balance as the game requires you to stand on one foot at certain times, promoting stability.

Helps build control – Studies have shown that individuals who play cue sports like pool are less likely to panic amid crisis.The levelheadedness of those who play concentration games are able to think clearly and logically, enabling them examine the most pertinent facts and details and encourage them to go into action without becoming hysterical.

Focuses the mind – Those who frequently play billiards and pool often have sharper minds. Pool requires recognising and performing mental mathematical estimates and calculations, such as basic geometry and physics. These skills are necessary to calculate angles and trajectories and to determine how much force to apply during a strike so as not to under or overshoot a target. Having a sharp mind enables one to think on their feet faster and pick up on little details.

Developes hand-eye coordination – Playing pool can also increase your eye-and-hand coordination. In the above bullet regarding how pool can sharpen the mind, all that is for nothing if the player cannot apply those calculations to the table. The hand-eye coordination involved is a crucial factor in winning a game of pool. Your hands become swift and agile and can perform minute, finite tasks.

Fun for all ages – Anyone can play this activity regardless of age and sex, so playing these games can be a regular family event. From your youngest nephew who wants to stab the 8-ball into a pocket, to your spouse’s great grandmother, billiards is leisure activity that anyone can learn and anyone can play, ensuring that everyone gets a turn around the table.

Tones muscles – The physical benefits of playing pool include low-impact toning of the back, hip and leg muscles pertaining to continuous bending and reaching to
facilitate arm/hand setups and the exercises found in cue-stroking movements.

Improves cognitive skills – The mental stimulation of pool is rich and variable, owing to the virtually infinite table layouts that each broken rack presents. These layouts challenge the player’s imagination, visualization and creative problem-solving skills and requires constant improvisation in order to pocket balls and achieve good position on further shots as skills increase.

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