Administrator and Leadership Standards: Best Practices


Respect the Original Intent: Don't Tamper with Soitsfun's intent

Converting a Soitsfun group, changing Soitsfun events, or adding Soitsfun events, so they no longer align with the expectations and purpose set by the organizer and leadership team, is misleading and is prohibited…

The intentions of the Soitsfun group should remain generally consistent with community expectations. While Soitsfun community groups often evolve and change over time, changes should be agreed upon by group membership and well-communicated to others, so people can make informed decisions about their continued participation.


It is prohibited to step up as organizer or co-organizer to a Soitsfun Group in order to change the focus of the group, to close the group, to send or post promotional content, or to send or post content not aligned with the original description of the Soitsfun Group. If it is your intention to change the meaning or purpose of a Soitsfun Group, we advise that you start a new Soitsfun Group instead. If a Soitsfun group gets a new organizer, the mission of that Soitsfun group should stay the same. Events in a Soitsfun group should reflect intentions expressed in the Soitsfun group description.


It is prohibited to alter the content or settings of a Soitsfun group without permission from the main organizer, or in a way that is not aligned with the purpose of that Soitsfun group. Any use of Soitsfun tools or features to disrupt the Soitsfun group or destroy content for the purpose of undermining or undercutting the established community is a violation of our policies.

Message Respectfully: Don't Spam Members

Content sent to a member that is irrelevant, impersonal, unsolicited, promotional, or repetitive is spam, and organizers may be blocked for spamming members. …

The following are examples of inappropriate spam messages sent by organizers:

  • Sending repetitive or unsolicited messages to members who are not in an organizer's Soitsfun groups.
  • Sending messages to an organizer's own Soitsfun group that do not relate to that Soitsfun group.
  • Sending promotional messages, including promoting an organizer’s Soitsfun group to members who are not in that Soitsfun group.
  • Abusing the Soitsfun announcement or invite features by repeatedly inviting members or non-members for whom a Soitsfun group may not be relevant.
  • Creating Soitsfun groups, events, or accounts for the purpose of cross-promoting within Soitsfun.

Use Respectful Language

Using profanity in an attacking, sexual way, or in a way intended to offend people, is prohibited in Soitsfun titles, descriptions, or any other area that is publicly promoted or viewable on the platform.

Be Clear & Professional: Editorial Requirements

In order to provide a quality experience to our members, titles of Soitsfun Groups are to be relevant, useful, and easy to understand. Excessive or improper use of punctuation, symbols, capitalization, spacing, URLs, or repetition, intended to grab attention for a Soitsfun Group, will need to be edited. …

We consider the following examples to be excessive or gimmicky use of numbers, symbols, punctuation, repetition, or spacing: !!Dance!!!, d*a*n*c*e, DANCE, DaNcE, d a n c e, or d@nce.

Intellectual Property

We respect the intellectual property rights of others. Posting content that violates another party's intellectual property rights is prohibited. …

When provided with the requisite information, Soitsfun will remove or disable access to material that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others or remove accounts of those who may be repeat infringers. Please note that simply holding a Soitsfun Group around a similar topic in a shared location, is generally not considered a violation of our policies.

Reporting IP, Trademark, or Copyright Infringement

Organizer Access to a Soitsfun Group

It is the responsibility of an organizer to maintain and keep their Soitsfun group active and current to operate and continue to be hosted on Soitsfun. Failure to renew your organizer status can result in allowing another member to step up and assume the role of main organizer of the group. …

Generally, Soitsfun will not reinstate the former organizer of a Soitsfun group if the organizer loses their position and another member takes over as the main organizer. However, Soitsfun may reinstate previous organizers if their Soitsfun groups were affiliated with a registered third-party organization, entity, or company.

Step Down Policy