Surrey's own Lost Leblanc travels for fun and profit.

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"Chasing one's dream" is a quick catch phrase only bandied about in inspirational conversation. "Lostleblanc" has become a reality for Surrey's own Christian Leblanc and an adventure many of us only envy.

Coffee shops and WiFi access, at one time or other, have been every person's stop between daily life and their passion or dreams. It was no less a day when in Jan 2016 that I first met Christian Leblanc across the table from me, with our computers open in the Ocean Park Starbucks. We both had our projects out and talked of our vision. He too was working on his dream and ultimately a plan for his future - Lost Leblanc was born 

Watch and listen to Christian Leblanc in his own words while witnessing passion and growth as his story unfolds through his adventures.


This same story is told by many people, but very rarely followed up on. Following graduation from the Sauder School of Business at U.B.C., and a work placement at a prominent Vancouver accounting firm, Christian decided office life was not for him at his point. His belief was that " In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take".

Having been to Thailand previously and experimenting with Vlogging he had acquired around twelve thousand followers on Instagram and Youtube.  It was at this point where the germination of an idea, and travel-bug, bit him.  He decided to quit his job, return to the Philippines, and begin blogging on a committed basis. The coffee shop was a "moment" of picking his name and thinking of logos in finalising plans for departure at the end of the week.  Lost Leblanc was born.  It was a moment of inspiration to see a young man grasping his dream with a plan in hand - a camera.

Subscribing to his Instagram, Youtube channels have been a blast. His hand out to girlfriend Laura Reid (also a Vlogger) as they travel, has captured the minds and fantasy of young people from Canada to Asia.  The low key but gentle commentary along the way keeps one involved but is secondary to his growing ability to select content and demonstrate new camera skills.  His passion ethic is pushing him to another level in his search for difference.  Is it possible we are witnessing the emergence of another Steve Irwin? 

In little over a year he has progressed from the low tens to 250K followers and almost a million views and climbing on some Vlog's.  Vlogging is a yong person's dream and why not. We have all had the yearning to travel in our youth, we just did not have a video camera or medium to make it a business.

Be sure to watch his Vlogs and travel with them through Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. It is a pleasant journey.