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Seattle's Fremont area is a funky low cost hidden gem for travellers


Seattle's Fremont area is an artsy and eclectic neighbourhood located in the north-central area of Seattle. Overlooking Salmon Bay, the small community of Fremont and humoursly dubbed the "center of the universe" by Seattelites.

So Fremont’s one of my top places to go out, especially in the summer. The bars are fun, there’s music, and lots of summer patios. Not so many tourists (at night) as other places, and less touristy than Cap Hill or downtown.

It does lives up to its motto, to a point. This neighbourhood, less than five miles north of the heart of downtown Seattle, continues its legacy of public art, everyday weirdness and off-the-wall-events inclined towards nudity and costumes. Yet its popularity, soaring rent prices, new luxury condos and inundation of high tech company offices have transformed it into something a tad different than its tie-dyed forefathers and mothers anticipated.

The Troll under the BridgeIn the early 1900’s, Fremont was centred around an assemblage of industries on the north shores Lake Union. When the interurban rail line and trolley cutting through the neighbourhood were taken out of service in 1939 and 1941, respectively, the area went into rapid decline. Commemorating this, a sculpture called Waiting for the Interurban remembers the fallen rail line. These days locals routinely decorate and costume the statues.

Neglect and low rents turned Fremont into an attractive option for artists and students in the 1960s – laying the groundwork for the funky and eclectic vibe that it is today today. Like many underdeveloped area's, tech and urban living moved into the area and giants such as Adobe Systems, Google, and Getty Images have made it their Seattle headquarters.

The woodsy, rail background of the Fremont area still survives in spirit as well as in local architecture. The folksy district is rife with arts, restaurants, bars and coffee shops that make it a "go-to" for the 20's-40's crowd.