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Why Write an Article?

Let's start at the beginning. So, ‘Why Write?’ seems like a simple enough question, with plenty of cheerful morning,  mid-afternoon, and evening answers.  We write to share ideas, tell stories, maybe make some money and other people smile/laugh/cry/empathize.  In this Information Age, the desire to write is generally viewed as respectable, an itch it’s okay to scratch, an appropriate career path to follow, one that means not having to run any more errands for others. Why do people write articles to begin with?

Why should I contribute?

1. Knowing they have helped an initial publication is more readily accepted - we are all beginners

Some people are motivated to contribute to free sites when they know their contribution is going to help other people. People who contribute to Soitsfun for example feel good because they know their contribution will connect friends, build or support local events and activities, and promote local communication.

They will also positively contribute to their own start-up experience, portfolio or garnered back links from us. If you do not believe me try it on your own! It is a lonely world.

2. Got provoked by lack of activity or participation in their community

When an expert (if personally involved you are the expert) encounters something wrong, he/she automatically feels compelled to inform in providing the right information. They wish to start, help or support others who initiate social, dance or recreation opportunities in their community.

3. The challenge and desire to learn

So many people who contribute to Soitsfun, or to free sites such as Huffington Post, do it because they want to participate or learn new things. They learn submission processes and online editing by being actively engaged. By reading and researching their subject before blogging in their chosen category, these people learn a lot about a new topic and ultimately hone the vision for their own prospectus.

4. Informing others of community topics that matter

Women, for example, do their best to explain and inform of subjects of interest. If a woman sees a beautiful home, life-style example or interesting topic, there is a very big chance that she will feel like taking a picture, joining the conversation and/or writing about it.

5. Seeing your name there

Recognition comes in many forms, and money isn't the only reward people tend to look for. Some people reported that they love contributing to free to sites, and seeing their names mentioned. It also adds to the resume.

6. Enjoy being seen as an authority of the city or community you live in.

When someone is seen as an authority figure their self-esteem gets a boost. People like to demonstrate their knowledge so that others can see that they are knowlegable and expert.

7. Recognition and validation

Sometimes people contribute to free sites to get positive feedback on their contribution. Whether its a 'Like' or a 'positive comment', a person will feel good about their-self when getting any form of positive recognition. Remember no expert came to the position without mistakes or criticsm. In Soitsfun! we only allow positive or constructive comments. So have no fear.

8. Connecting with people

Some people reported that they contribute to free sites to expand their social network and to connect with new people.

9. Self-promotion

Many people contribute to free sites to get a back-link or to achieve some kind of self-promotion.

10. To belong to a community

People who edit at Soitsfun call themselves 'Happyenders'. Humans are social beings and joining communities, activities or events bring about happy endings that make people feel better about themselves. They are also working towards a future that is paid career in journalism.

Well, ask yourself this: What good is writing, potentially, to you? The answer has to be, in some form, that writing is a way you can influence people: change their behavior, open their minds, bring them around to your way of thinking, make them happy, make them angry, get them to ask questions, get them to answer questions. Writing will be important to you in your life because it is a way for you to shape your world. But it can do that only if people read and understand it.

It will never make much difference to you whether you can produce a well formed sentence, unless the people who you want to influence read and understand that sentence.

If the information isn't helpful, those who visit your article will have little interest in reading it.

It’s rather a complicated bitch of a question with teeth that come back to gnaw you at odd, insecure hours. At 3 a.m., the urge to write makes no sense at all. Writing is compulsion, narcissism, insanity, theft, the cursed highway to perpetual isolation, poverty and misery.  It’s a constant chore, a grim struggle to organize concepts into paragraphs, a losing battle between actuality and thought, self-promotion and self-loathing, sensibility and grammatical construction.

Writing is the worst kind of addiction, a terrible, eviscerating experience — but not writing can be even worse.  While writing is supposedly vital to our social flow, writers (the people we label as “good at” writing) come a long way down the list of cultural currency holders, below athletes, warriors and reality TV stars. Print is obsolete, journalism is dying, and any monkey who can type is published online to the delight of apparently undiscerning readers. Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple control the lion’s share of content distribution and are always looking for ways to devalue the inovator or author’s already meager cut. Why write, indeed?

Because it is your community and everything that comprise's it is important - Soitsfun!