About Soitsfun


Soitsfun strives to tell inspiring, immersive news stories of community, for those who wish to learn and participate as to live there. We are fuelled by a community of writers and contributors who provide a trusted perspective of the events and activities or people and business that thrives around around them. We are independent, impartial and honest.

In a complex world of negative news and xenophobia at one extreme, and top 10 lists and substance-less roundups at the other, we’ve lost the experience of relationships and true community. Community is a collection of events, activity and groups that teaches lifeskills and leadership. Soitsfun's mission is to provide an antidote by celebrating the people, places and cultures that make-up communty. 

We look forward to you enhancing your neighbor hood. Your articles and group network will inform others and help build social, dance and recreational activity events in your community.

No issues, attitude or politics here - Soitsfun!

Soitsfun! is where we hope to explore what happens when social, dance and recreation is applied in our conversation as writers in community building blocks. It brings people together in mutual respect to celebrate our world through an ethical and responsible social relationships. This network is comprised of people of all ages in our neighborhood.  Students, individuals, contributors or respected journalists tasked with an individual drive and commitment to contribute their voice in building healthy activities and events of interest for everyone.]

We wish to inform community members and readers of local activities and places they’ve never been and show them new places or a side to places they think they know. With an open mind, an eye for the surprising and a community voice, we inspire our readers to "get active" in communities for the sake of peace, culture and successful activities and events for all ages.

It is our mission to provide members an opportunity to voice their stories, ideas and inform others of the activities and events that tie a community together.  We hope to provide a home for an eclectic form of expression for emerging and established writers alike.

We call it Green Journalism authored by both experienced and inexperienced writers originating from our cultured roots. Everyone gets published in their personal community blog. It is not only about striving for exposure and experience that counts, but the labor and experience it takes to get there. We are about the journey and the community we hope to arrive at, and live in: Soitsfun! 

Definition: Social recreation is activity engaged in during one's leisure time that involves, in an appropriate setting, social interaction - people with people. This activity usually finds expression as a dance, hobby, writing, service clubs, yoga, hiking, walking, cycling, darts, billiards, shuffle-board, etc. or any other activity shared by others and characterized by motion within a defined space - in good taste (Yes we do have a sense of humor). The relationships of business, activity and events are the glue that hold friendships and community together.
Social, when used responsibly, is our common platform that provides users peer to peer opportunity for daily exponential exposure and marketing and have fun doing it.  Your stories and pictures, when submitted, will be published in support of your article in the appropriate magazine section and category on acceptance.
Soitsfun Media Inc. is supported through local community business ads that we show in various sections of our pages and with third party advertising (Adsense). Our advertising is served on the basis of interest, city, state and country as well as personal activity interests. We feel it is a far more ethical model on which to build and sustain an active relationship with users, clients and the community as a whole. After all, we are here to build better options within community and to enjoy life. We do not track,or spam in our attempt to support local entrepreneurs build successful events - if your find valve or are interested, we ask you to tell and invite your friends and acquaintances.  A full house is a party and a great event for the business or organiztion.
It is all possible due to the support of local advertisers who you will recognize from your community as active builders. Support them by saying hello and find the value in their their brief messages.