Kickin' A Saloon & Dance Hall Is Step'N Out!

Country singer Aaron Crawford

The Kickin'A Country Bar is open "N" Rockin at 5225 Industrial Place in Ferndale, Washington.  Kickin' A is a contemporary rustic nightclub dedicated to country music and dancing.
Join Emily for country line dance instruction three nights a week and Master Teacher Mary Simler Evans for country two-step work shops.
The Kickin'A's warehouse styling gives it both floor and head-space that is clean cut and no nonsense for the both the recreational and serious dancer.  The building has been insulated from top to bottom which delivers a rich full sound devoid of feedback or echo. It is a natural for the top shelf bands that are being featured along with a DJ and house system for lessons and between sets.  This country bar is full on dancing and provides little time for determined dancers to rest.
Country singer Aaron  Crawford headlined the night and brought a big Nashville sound to the stage.  It was a full house as Ferndale got aclimatized to a long overdue treat for music and country dance.
Once over the border, the Kickin'A is located 15 minutes south of the Peace Arch crossing in Ferdale, Washington.  It takes longer to drive from Langley, BC to Aldergrove.  The munchies and drinks (with a dez driver) with exchange are half the price in Canada. What can we say more?  
It is well worth the $5.00 cover charge and maybe a lesson for the Canadian cousins in how to build a dance floor and throw a real home town dance.
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